Smart Security

Using a combination of our live webcams, microdot marking, satellite tracking and apps, Falmouth Boat Security is looking to bring a groundbreaking service to the boat owners of Falmouth. Whether you need the full service or just satellite tracking tags, we can help! Furthermore, our service can help pay for itself through a reduction in your insurance costs.

Smart Security will help reduce the growing number of boat and marine related thefts in the area, especially with dwindling Police numbers.

Added Security Services

We also supply and install additional security devices that help protect your boat from criminals.

A well hidden ‘GPS TRACKER’ installed on-board will send an alert to mobile phone if your boat is moved and continue to transmit the vessel’s position to three different key-holders.

If an unwanted intruder should board your vessel then an installed ‘MOTION DETECTOR’ can be employed that will send an alert to your mobile phone and also do the same to an agent of your choice.

Your boat can carry markings that security devices are installed along with red flashing LED light that indicates that your security devices are armed.

Thieves are conscious that if something looks difficult to steal then it probably is.

Even if your boat is out of the water during the winter months it is wise to still protect your vessel when it is unattended.

We are happy to discuss your individual security needs and make recommendations.  


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